Luxor 3

Luxor 3

Luxor 3 was issued as the sequel of the Luxor 2 game. In the new version you can find 7 modes and more than 14 levels. Also new possibilities were added into the new game, among which - the possibility to buy new balls and more powerful platforms, to improve the possibilities that the gamer already has; besides we have to mention the quantity of new bonuses that make the process of the game more dynamic. And of course we can not leave aside the quality of graphics and special effects due to which Luxor became not just the logical game but the real Ancient Egypt adventure.

Luxor 3


From the issuance of the first part Luxor game became very popular and received some sequels. This game was considered as the clone variant of Zuma Deluxe for a long time, but after the stunning success of this casual game the clones of Luxor started to appear rather than that and the game itself became cult and has gained wide popularity among users.

Now all fans of this game and just logical games can download and install this brain-twister on their PC free of charge. The rules of Luxor 3 are the same as the ones in the previous parties. The chain of colored balls is supplied to the game field and the gamer is to break the groups of balls of one color using special platform with balls, thus keeping the whole chain from falling down into the tunnel. Receive bonuses, improve your game skills and try to solve another mystery of the ancient Levant civilization.

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Luxor Hints

If you receive the ball of the unfit color shoot it into the air or add to another single ball to create the chain in future.

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