Luxor 2

Luxor 2

Luxor 2 - is the modern brain-twisted that is well known among computer games fans. The game having appeared some years ago became cult all over the world. The rules are simple and easy to understand for users of any age. The game field consists of the labyrinth where a bug rolls many-colored balls towards the precipice. The task for the gamer is to group the colored balls and to blow them up, to break the chain and not to allow the elements to fall down, meanwhile the game process is accompanied by bonuses and prizes, using which the gamer improves his possibilities for the game and makes easier the process of level clearing.

Luxor 2


The first game was issued in 2005 and the sequel of the brain-twister appeared only in one year afterwards, but having undergone essential changes. And now Luxor game counts about 88 levels and the game itself can be delighted in three dimensional graphics. Besides Luxor 2 has three modes: tutorial, perpetual and arcade, each of which has its own special features.

Many people compare Luxor with another as much popular game - Zuma Deluxe and think of Luxor like its clone. These games have similar graphics and game rules; however there are some essential differences. In spite of multiple disputes the game has reasonably occupied one of the leading positions among the most popular casual games of the modernity.

And now Luxor is available for all the users. Each gamer can download the brain-twister Luxor 2 and install it on his computer. This distributive is intended for PC with Windows. Installation does not need any special skills.

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Luxor Hints

Within each level of the game try to break the balls that are in the start of the moving chain, since after the last ball leaves the tunnel, all the chain will vanish after it and the level will be lost.

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