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Download Luxor

This part of the site was created for persons interested in downloading of Luxor - one of the few casual games that became world wide popular within the short time. This simple but interesting game that allows the gamer to find himself in the Ancient Levant and solve the multiplicity of puzzles, connected with antiquities, via solving the tasks of the game.

Download Luxor



Now Luxor game is available for each user. You can download the game from our site and install it on your computer completely free of charge. Meanwhile you will not need any special skills - you just download the file and launch it. All the further installation procedure will be performed within some next minutes without any special efforts.

There are three versions of the game. The first one was issued in 2005, but was followed by Luxor 2 after a time, and Luxor 3 afterwards, that were completed with new levels and interesting details. The versions that we propose you for downloading - are Luxor 2 and Luxor 3.

The rules of the game are simply enough: at your disposal you will have small "cart" that moves in the bottom part of the screen and that is the place for colored balls that appear there from time to time. The game field itself consists of the labyrinth where many-colored elements move gradually. The task of the gamer is to create groups of three or more colored components, by shooting with the ball from the platform. Afterwards they disappear from the field, vacating the place and keeping the whole chain from falling down into the funnel. For the most successful combinations you will receive bonuses that increase your game possibilities. Download Luxor - this is all that you need to do in order to feel all the delights of the game!

Also we can not leave aside fine sound and graphics of the game, due to which each user can feel oneself the traveler and Ancient Egypt artifacts hunter.

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Luxor Hints

If you manage to create the combination of two ball groups, having deleted the one-color chain in the middle you will receive bonus and prize points.

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