Luxor Game

Luxor Game

Luxor - is a fascinating computer game of the casual type that appeared in 2005 and quickly became popular among world wide computer brain-twisters' fans. Some consider this game as the analogue model to Zuma Deluxe, some deny their similarity, but nevertheless millions of admirers of this game spend hour by hour sitting in front of the monitor and trying to solve ancient Egyptian puzzles.

Luxor Game


Luxor is a very colorful game having quite simple rules and various game processes that will draw you away from the reality not for one hour and will plunge you into ancient times of Pharaohs and pyramids. Each stage has unique special features and you will come closer and closer to the answers to ancient mysteries by passing one after another.

Due to the fever in regards of the first version of the game Luxor 2 was issued after a time and Luxor 3 - in 2007. The game was completed with new levels, tasks and multiple bonuses that in their own turn made the game even more interesting. This was the reason for increase of gamers and made the brain-twister the cult modern game. Later a lot of similar games were created on the basis of Luxor but none of them had the same huge success as Luxor.

We propose you to download the second part of Luxor and install it on your computer. The game is operated under ЋS Windows, and the installation itself will be compact and short in time. To do this you should follow the link, download the file, install the game and you will find yourself in the world of new adventures.

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Luxor Hints

Within each level of the game try to break the balls that are in the start of the moving chain, since after the last ball leaves the tunnel, all the chain will vanish after it and the level will be lost.

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